Nurses Shoes
Comfortable Nursing Shoes & Trainers

As nurses, doctors, surgeons and other healthcare professionals know, your choice of shoes will make a huge difference to your day.

Having comfortable, supportive and quality nursing shoes will make a huge difference to whether or not you suffer from excessive fatigue and pain as a result of long shifts. That’s why at Toffeln we work with the leading biomechanics researchers to design and develop the most advanced range of fully compliant footwear.

We’ve dedicated our lives to enhancing foot wellbeing, helping healthcare professionals to have healthier, supremely well supported feet. All of our nursing shoes, clogs and trainers are designed with ergonomics in mind to minimise pain in your lower back, legs or knees.

Nursing shoes designed for the healthcare environment

Toffeln Nursing Shoes offer ultimate comfort, so you can get on with your day without unnecessary pain and suffering. We also have a comprehensive range of styles and colours, which are specifically suited to the requirements of the job.

Enhancing nurses foot well-being since ‘78

Toffeln have been expertly designing healthcare shoes since 1978, and our footwear is now sold in more than 50 countries across the globe. Throughout this time, we have gained a reputation for providing a range of nursing shoes, clogs and trainers which are carefully designed to improve your foot wellbeing.


Foot Heaven

Wore these on my 12 hour shift & my feet felt amazing

- Caroline

Walking on Air

Longing for comfort as working 5 days a week 12 hour shifts… boy are they so comfortable

- Kath

It’s like wearing slippers to work

As an NHS worker, we do long shifts stood our feet. These, I have got to say, have been a God send

- Kim

A Godsend!

I have worked in the NHS for 30 years and finally found comfortable shoes!

- Lynne

One happy student nurse

These shoes are an absolute life saver - 13 hour shifts normally destroy my feet, calves and lower back but these have genuinely changed all that.

- Hannah

Our Best Selling Nursing Shoes

A new generation of breathable washable nurses shoes, SmartSole Breeze provides slipper-like comfort with gentle support to reduce fatigue. All day cool comfort to make your working day a Breeze.

Now you can have comfort you only dreamed of in a full slip-on nursing shoe that has soft feel lining. Everyone's feet are different, so we include 3 types of insoles free with every pair, so no matter the shape or size of your feet you're guaranteed comfort.

This healthcare trainer is designed for your working day with slip resistance and optimal comfort to reduce fatigue.

The UK’s first EVA enclosed trainer is designed to deliver all of the wear with none of the tear. It’s a super comfortable, durable and lightweight shoe, complete with a Grip-Safe® sole and removable insole. Ergonomically designed with input from the podiatry experts at the University of Salford, it delivers impressive performance.