What are the Most Comfortable Work Shoes for Nurses?

What are the Most Comfortable Work Shoes for Nurses?

What are the Most Comfortable Work Shoes for Nurses?

When planning their working wardrobes, lots of people would agree that comfort is important. But if you work as a nurse, comfort isn’t just something to keep in the back of your mind – it’s crucial to your wellbeing. And when you could be on your feet for up to 12 hours on a night shift, nothing is more important than wearing a pair of comfortable work shoes. 

From blisters and bunions to plantar fasciitis, the wrong shoes can have a range of painful consequences. That’s why you need a pair that can keep up with you on your busy shifts. With one study suggesting that nurses walk around 3.4 miles every day, it’s vital to find comfy nurse shoes that will last. But what’s the best pair for you?  

Whether you work in A&E or Oncology, read on for our handy guide to the most comfy shoes for nurses. We’ve compiled a range of styles, silhouettes and designs – so whatever you need from your shoes, you’ll find something that will help you put your best foot forward.

Most comfortable shoes for nurses

As well as superior comfort, the best shoes for nurses should also provide slip-resistance to keep you safe during your shifts. Hospital floors are cleaned regularly and nobody wants to risk slips, trips or falls when they’re walking between different wards. On top of this, you’ll also want a lightweight design that’s easy to take on and off at the end of your working day.

The Toffeln SmartSole Shoe delivers on all of this and more. Made from 100% vegan materials, they feature a stretch lining that will adjust to the shape of your foot, helping to reduce the danger of blisters. Meanwhile, breathable uppers make these shoes suitable for all weathers – and better still, they’re washable and antibacterial, too.

When you choose the SmartSole shoe, you’ll also receive three different insoles for free. These customisable insoles make it easy to find your perfect fit, designed to support you whatever your walking style, foot shape or shoe size. Simply slide your chosen insole into your nurse’s shoes and enjoy ultimate comfort.

For a more feminine silhouette, the Toffeln AktivLite is also a great option if you’re looking for attractive, comfy nurse shoes. As its name suggests, this shoe is a super lightweight model that will make it feel as though you’re walking on air. Its removable ComfortTech insole cushions your foot and supports your arches, while the raised heel helps to boost your posture.

Most comfortable trainers for nurses

Are trainers more your style? Whether you find lace-ups more supportive than slip-ons or simply prefer the look of trainers, the Toffeln SmartSole Trainer combines the comfort, breathability and lightweight construction of the SmartSole shoe with an on-trend sneaker appearance. Also, like the SmartSole shoe, the SmartSole trainer comes with a selection of three different insoles to give you customised support.

If you want the added look of laces but still want to be able to slip your shoes on and off, the Toffeln AktivFlex could be the best option for you. Described as ‘so light you forget you’re wearing shoes’ by one of our customers, these innovative trainers feature hardwearing rubber laces and were designed in collaboration with the University of Salford to ensure great performance. Their GripSafe® sole will keep you safe on hectic hospital floors, while the elasticated gusset and side vents will add much needed comfort during long shifts.  

Most comfortable clogs for nurses

Whether you’re hot-footing it between wards or standing for long periods of time, clogs are some of the most comfy nurse shoes you can buy. The Toffeln SmartSole Clog is designed to distribute pressure comfortably, avoiding blisters, sore arches and the curse of plantar fasciitis.

With a raised heel and slip-resistant sole, the SmartSole Clog will help to keep you safe and comfortable at work. Its vegan-friendly upper fabric is highly resistant to stains and is washable for great practicality whatever your shift throws at you.


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At Toffeln, we follow the science when it comes to footwear that looks and feels good. Led by the latest biomechanics research, we’ve designed the ultimate range of comfy shoes for healthcare professionals – whether you’re a midwife, nurse or doctor.

Haven’t found your perfect fit yet?  Put your feet up and browse the full range of ergonomic shoes, trainers and clogs on our website. If you’ve got questions about finding the best comfy nurse shoes for you, get in touch with a member of the Toffeln team today for tailored advice.