Can Nursing Shoes be Stylish?

Can Nursing Shoes be Stylish?

Can Nursing Shoes be Stylish?

As a nurse or healthcare professional, you spend all day on your feet, dashing between wards, caring for vulnerable patients and, when you get a rare moment to yourself, grabbing a well-deserved coffee in-between. As a result, supportive, slip-resistant and ergonomic footwear is essential, and designs must maximise comfort to ensure your working day is as pain-free as possible.

However, there's a common misconception that nursing shoes can't be stylish. We're here to tell you (in the nicest possible way) - you're wrong! Thanks to a sudden demand for great-looking occupational shoes, there's no need to choose between fashion and functionality. 

There's a wealth of stylish nursing shoes on the market that meet on-the-job safety standards, including sleek clogs, sporty trainers and on-trend boots. Plus, the versatile silhouettes and choice in colours make transitioning from work to weekend easier than ever.

A range of styles to choose from

Nurses are no longer resigned to clunky clogs and Velcro straps. Now, there are plenty of styles to choose from, from traditional slip-on shoes with an up-to-date twist to shoes, trainers and clogs.

Clogs with a modern touch

What comes to mind when you think of clogs? Perhaps, unattractive rubbery material, thick soles and dull colours consisting of washed-out browns, greys and blues. If so, we forgive you - traditional clogs are hardly known for their sleek aesthetics.

However, there are designs out there which break the mould, including the Toffeln AktivKlog. This clog raises the bar, with a higher closed-in heel, enhanced vents, Grip-Safe® sole intelligence and removable insole. The super light-weight material is also incredibly versatile, protecting your feet without suffocating them. 

How about something sportier? 

Everyone needs a reliable pair of trainers - not only are they comfortable, but you can dress them up, down or wear them to work (they look surprisingly smart in midnight black). However, for nurses, Adidas and Nike versions are built for runners, not healthcare staff. Instead, you need something that mixes flashy exteriors with comfortable and supportive interiors.

It's not as difficult as you might assume to find functional and fashionable trainers. The Toffeln AktivFlex combines both beautifully, delivering all of the wear with none of the tear. While the material used is different from traditional trainers, they still retain that intrinsic fun, fresh and youthful feel.

Made from high-quality materials

Whatever style you choose, nursing shoes, above all, must be long-lasting and lightweight. As a result, more consideration goes into the materials used within the design. High-quality leathers, shock-absorbing EVA and non-tear microfibre material often makes an appearance, which, as well as being highly functional, looks undeniably luxurious. 

For the eco-conscious, there's plenty of non-leather nursing shoes available. The Toffeln SmartSoleClog uses vegan-friendly material, combining mesh fabric, nitrile rubber, microfibre and EVA. Despite sounding very scientific, these shoes mirror their leather counterparts, looking just as perfectly polished.

Trendy palettes, patterns and prints

Research shows that an employee's emotions and overall temperament have a significant impact on job performance, decision-making skills, team spirit, leadership and turnover. So, far from being superficial, it's crucial to find a style of footwear that makes you feel great in your skin.

Fortunately, the nursing shoe industry has caught onto this notion. Now black, white and blue is bolstered by shiny hot pinks, pulsing purples and retro patterns - excellent news for those after a brand-new pair of statement shoes.

The Toffeln UltraLite perfectly sums up the treasure chest of choice out there, available in a kaleidoscopic array of colours from metallic grey and pink to two-tone purples. Animal lovers can even enjoy patterned dogs - a friendly reminder of their furry companions back home. Similarly, the Toffeln FlexiKlog radiates 70s glamour, with bold butterfly and flower prints.

Where can I find stylish nursing shoes?

At ToffeIn, we believe in fashion-forward footwear that provides maximum comfort during your busy life (after all, why should you compromise aesthetics for functionality?). Our passion has led us to create an exceptional range of shoes, trainers and boots for healthcare professionals, inspired by current trends and the latest biomechanics research.

What makes our stylish footwear so unique? Well, our shoes are created specifically for nurses and healthcare professionals meaning they offer the ultimate comfortable and support for those on their feet all day. Plus, we use slip-resistant soles, stretch lining, raised heels, breathable uppers and lightweight material. Lastly, we want you to feel your best. Your uniform (including what's on your feet) is an extension of your personality. When you dress in a way that makes you feel good, your overall happiness levels follow.

To find your perfect fit, browse our full range of footwear today. Alternatively, if you have any questions, contact our friendly customer service team today.