The Pros & Cons of Cheap Nursing Shoes

The Pros & Cons of Cheap Nursing Shoes

The Pros & Cons of Cheap Nursing Shoes

With so many options on the market, and because most of us are penny-pinching in the wake of COVID-19, it's pretty tempting to purchase a pair of cheap nursing clogs. However, here at ToffeIn we have a saying - buy cheap, buy twice.

Not only do budget, low-quality shoes contribute to a range of ailments like flat feet, back pain and plantar fasciitis, but they lack longevity and tend to fall apart, which isn't ideal for healthcare workers on their feet all day. Additionally, the material used often isn't fit for purpose, providing very little protection against trips, slips and workplace accidents.

Are there any benefits of cheap nursing shoes?

That being said, price is a significant consideration for many of us, and it's always helpful to have choices to suit all budgets. The savings are a massive benefit for those on low incomes, allowing people to purchase more pairs for the price of one.

What's more, you can't tar every cheap shoe with the same brush. Seasonal sales, Black Friday deals and voucher sites make it easier than ever to find something high-quality and durable without breaking the bank. 

Top tip: If you're trying to save money, always check the sales pages on brand websites before heading to eBay or Facebook marketplace. Quality checks are more commonplace when you buy from the official retailer, saving you the stress and financial burden of returns.

Five reasons to choose high-quality shoes instead

Alluring price tags aside, it pays to spend more on high-quality nursing shoes if possible. They're far sturdier, making them more cost-effective in the long-run, and are specially designed to maximise comfort while working non-stop shifts. Plus, you'll have a plethora of additional styles to choose from, including clogs and trainers.

If you're still not convinced, here are five key reasons why you shouldn't make a choice based on cost alone (we promise, you won't regret the investment). 

Maximum comfort

With more expensive nursing shoes, designers carefully consider what specific materials, shape and features will make your working life more manageable. Every detail contributes to maximum comfort and efficiency, from closed-in heels and breathable uppers to adjustable straps and Smart Sole technology (a range of soles and customisable insoles exclusive to ToffeIn).

Instead of rigid plastics and PVC, which is the most environmentally damaging plastic in use, high-quality shoes often contain EVA, lightweight microfibre and ultra-flexible polyurethane. Thanks to this innovative combination of materials (which is also vegan-friendly), nurses stay quick on blister-free and happy feet.

Less wear and tear

When you're rushing between wards in a high-pressure environment, durability is essential. Holes, fraying material and loose straps lead to accidents, so you need shoes that can keep up with your pace while remaining safe.

Quality materials play a part in increasing longevity, but so does the standard of production. Cheap shoes are often mass manufactured with little care taken over stamping, sewing and assembling. As a result, they fall apart quickly (sometimes in just a few weeks), jeopardising your wellbeing as well as that of your patients.

In contrast, paying a little more guarantees a well-put-together shoe that's been crafted with the utmost care.

More cost-effective in the long-run

If you've ever shopped in Primark, you'll know just how quickly cheap shoes deteriorate (and that's without extensive use). You end up buying more and more pairs, spending an extortionate amount in the process. Consequently, it's actually more cost-effective to buy something better quality because there's less need for replacements, repairs and returns.

Alongside this, when you invest in top-notch brands, they can invest in customer service teams and processes. In the rare cases where there's a problem with your order, they have the resources to send out replacements quickly and free of charge.

Combats pain

Ergonomically designed footwear costs more because you're paying for expertise, and companies often consult with medical teams and researchers to ensure their shoes use the latest pain-busting technology (none of which comes cheap). For example, we work closely with the University of Salford, which helps us to stay at the forefront of global innovation in our field.

You can't cut corners with specialised footwear. It takes into account your unique anatomy and gait, and there are bundles of cutting-edge features to combat unpleasant overuse conditions. Low-heels and arches support flat feet, cushioned soles and firm heel counters control overpronation and thick insoles protect against plantar fasciitis.

Alongside this, budget shoes rarely cater for different sized feet. Without a snug fit, ankle and knee joints wobble precariously and there's a higher risk of sprained ligaments. Footwear that doesn’t fit properly is especially perilous for nurses with back pain, because the vertebrae and pelvis aren't adequately supported, which can contribute to poor posture and spinal instability.

More style options

There's an unsurprising lack of choice with cheap shoes. Ultimately, you get what you're given, which is usually clunky shapes in uninspiring monochrome palettes. However, if you're able to spend a bit more, a treasure chest of options become available, including sporty trainers, fashionable clogs and long-lasting shoes.

While footwear may seem like a small part of your uniform and something you’ve no need to worry about, it has a significant impact on how well you do your job and how you feel throughout the day. 

Good-looking, functional shoes improve confidence (they literally put a spring in your step), which benefits the interactions you have with colleagues and patients. Plus, when your uniform feels authentic and represents your personality, you'll feel more comfortable in yourself.

Are you ready to invest in your feet?

At ToffeIn, we've devoted our time to creating an exceptional range of fully-compliant, high-tech footwear for healthcare professionals, led by the latest biomechanics research. Our prices reflect our unwavering commitment to making your working day as comfortable and pain-free as possible.

If you're ready to revolutionise your footwear and find the perfect fit, visit our website to browse the full range of ergonomic clogs, trainers and shoes.