Dental Nurse Shoes - What Should I Look For?

Dental Nurse Shoes - What Should I Look For?

Dental Nurse Shoes - What Should I Look For?

Dental nurses are forever busy, booking appointments, preparing for procedures and sterilising scary-looking instruments. They are the cog that keeps dentistry teams turning, somehow managing their busy schedules while remaining extraordinarily calm for nervous patients.

With so much to do, the last thing on their mind should be footwear. Yet, cheap and non-ergonomic shoes have somehow found their way into dental surgeries across the country. Sadly, many nurses now suffer from sore feet, bad backs and nasty accidents as a result of poor quality footwear.

At Toffeln, we're here to help remedy this because we understand that happy feet lead to enhanced wellbeing and productivity in the workplace. Keep reading as we highlight 6 features you should prioritise when buying dental nursing shoes.

1.  Unbeatable comfort

Dental nurses get very little time to rest and recharge, meaning they need shoes that provide maximum comfort while they're on their feet all day.

What makes a comfortable shoe? Firstly, the material should be stretchy and breathable, so feet aren't restricted and twisted into unnatural shapes. Then, choose a lightweight design to minimise the stress on already tired ankles and legs.

We suggest opting for footwear with a smooth stretch-lining that eliminates blisters and breathable uppers to combat conditions like athlete's foot. Lightweight materials can include soft microfibre, mesh fabric and, surprisingly, neoprene rubber.

Remember, every foot and gait are different. Cheap, off-the-shelf shoes can't compete with customisable insoles that mould around your arches. Dental nurses benefit from this extra level of support because of the physical intensity of their work.

Something like the ToffeIn SmartSole Clog ticks all the boxes. As well as being breathable, lightweight and customisable, the raised heel helps distribute pressure evenly for easy walking.

2.  Spinal and postural support

We don't mean to panic you, but think back to the last time you were at the dentist. Dental nurses spend hours hunched over patients passing mirrors, mouthwash and the occasional drill (sorry). As a result, sore backs from poor posture are rife, causing untold misery at work and home.

While there's no getting around some of the awkward positions in dentistry, choosing the correct footwear can alleviate pain by lending spinal and postural support during and between procedures.

Everything starts from your feet. Orthotic insoles, closed-in heels and sturdy arch support prevent hyper-pronation (where the ankle bone turns inward while the rest of the foot turns outward), properly aligning your ankles, legs and spine. Additionally, a layer of cushioning stops heavy steps from reverberating up your vertebrae.

Perhaps most importantly, is taking the time to find the right fit. Tight or too-big shoes cause gait compensation - instead of using the correct muscles to walk, you’ll strain delicate joints and discs.

You might think you have to go to a doctor to find footwear this medically brilliant. However, we have plenty of options available that don't require a prescription, such as the ToffeIn AktivKlog.

3.  Non-slip and water-resistant

More than any other medical setting, dentist surgeries are prone to spillages. Mouthwash, water and cleaning liquids often end up on the floor, creating a potentially hazardous accident waiting to happen.

Unquestionably, shoes must have anti-slip soles and a water-resistant barrier to keep dental nurses safe from slips, trips and falls. Plus, it isn't hygienic to have someone's drool in between your toes!

Anti-slip soles are hard to come by unless you opt for a specialist provider, but generic options simply don't meet safety standards. We recommend investing in a reliable and trustworthy shoe like the new and improved ToffeIn EziKlog V2.0. It features a GripSafe Extreme pattern for unbeatable peace of mind.

4.  Closed-toe

When you're working with sharp instruments like dental probes, syringes, scalers and dentistry drills, you need a shoe with a closed toe. No matter how meticulous everyone is, mishaps can still happen.

Focus on the quality and durability of the material around the toes and uppers. Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) is an excellent choice because it's an anti-bacterial and non-toxic rubber replacement that's highly resistant to knocks, bangs and scrapes.

5.  Machine washable

Working on-call and for long hours means footwear needs to be easy to clean, especially when dealing with mouth and sterilisation fluids. If you haven't got much time to machine wash, choose a material that's quick to go over with an antibacterial wipe.

All the materials we've mentioned above are suitable for machine washes or can be wiped clean to sterilise, and they take hardly any time to dry. No matter the time of day, you’ll be ready to run out the door.

6.  Black, white or plain colours

We don't want to stifle creativity and of course there are plenty of colourful and patterned shoes for dental nurses that are appropriate for the workplace. 

Nevertheless, choosing black, white or plain footwear is often a uniform requirement. It’s also arguably more convenient when it comes to sanitation. We've already mentioned how spillages frequently occur in dentist surgeries. When you wear stripped-back footwear, it's easier to check you've cleaned everything to a high standard.

Find the best dental nursing shoes with ToffeIn

Dental nurses need specialised shoes to ensure maximum comfort and protection. Designs must offer high-tech features that keep feet safe, like arch support and closed toes, while looking ultra-stylish and professional. In addition, as dental surgeries are full of slippery surfaces, soles must provide extra grip to prevent accidents.

By highlighting the key features you should prioritise when looking for footwear, we hope to make your dental shoe-hunt that much simpler and your working day more comfortable.

If you'd like some help finding the perfect shoe, visit ToffeIn today. We have an extensive collection of footwear that's fully compliant, lovely looking and created with the latest biomechanics research in mind (yes - we’re serious about your feet).

Remember, we're always here to help. If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out. You can email us for support at or call us on 0345 500 4433. One of our friendly team members will get back to you right away.