Our Top Eight Black Nursing Shoes

Our Top Eight Black Nursing Shoes

Our Top Eight Black Nursing Shoes

Nurses are the best of us, spending busy 12-hour shifts dashing between wards to provide life-changing care to vulnerable patients. They welcome new life, offer hope when it's most needed and support families through grief, while simultaneously juggling off the clock tasks like school runs, housework and dog walks.

With so much on their plates, the last thing they need is poor footwear. While shoes may seem inconsequential and frivolous, they significantly impact work performance, longevity and happiness.

Ultimately, when you support your feet, they'll support you. The best shoes for nurses eradicate painful overuse conditions, including bad backs, sore feet and athlete's foot. As well as providing comfort, our quality nursing shoes are utterly stylish and our black range is by far the most versatile.

If you're overwhelmed by choice, we're here to help. Keep reading as we share our favourite eight black nursing shoes from our vast range of options. Both practical and great looking, they'll keep your feet happy morning to night.

Best black nursing shoes for women

Wave goodbye to bulky, unattractive nursing clogs - say hello to the gorgeous ToffeIn AktivLite. With women in mind, this featherweight shoe is slimline to support smaller feet, with ComfortTech footbed that mould around your arches. The closed-in and slightly raised heel minimises impact, making it an ideal choice for all-day wear.

Best of all, unlike other models on the market, it incorporates innovative EVA technology top-to-bottom, enclosing tired feet in resilient, shock-absorbing material. Plus, the Grip-Safe® soles prevent nasty slips, trips and falls.


Best black nursing shoes for men

Of course, all nursing clogs are unisex. Nevertheless, some men find traditional styles a little too feminine, preferring more gender-neutral shoes or trainers instead. 

If this resonates, choose the sporty ToffeIn SmartSole Trainer, available in all-black or black with white soles. The high-street design is right on-trend, yet the ergonomic features surpass professional safety standards.

Added benefits include breathable uppers, shock-absorbing soles and smooth stretch lining that eliminates painful blisters. Much like the women's recommendations, the lightweight material and raised heel evenly distribute weight throughout the foot, combatting fatigue.

Alternatively, the Toffeln AktivFlex looks equally athletic, with a few notable differences. Material laces make way for rubber laces, which are easier to clean and forever tied. Then, there's an elasticated gusset so you can effortlessly slip shoes on and off without any hassle.

Best black nursing shoes for back pain

Tragically, 70% of all nurses have at least one episode of back pain per year, which shows how prevalent the condition is in the healthcare industry. On a brighter note, finding the proper footwear can alleviate the worst of the symptoms.

Many factors contribute to back pain. However, it often occurs when someone unevenly shares weight throughout their feet as they walk, landing heavily on the outer edge or heel. The impact reverberates up the spine, causing poor posture, muscle strain and misalignment.

The shoes in Toffeln's SmartSole range ensure your spine's well-supported no matter the intensity of your work.

Both the Toffeln SmartSole Clog or Toffeln SmartSole Shoe in black, come with free customisable insoles that make your shift more comfortable. This unbeatable cushioning absorbs unnecessary impact and stabilises your vertebrae. What's more, the Grip-Safe® soles reduce the chance of pulled back muscles and herniation while lifting and cleaning.

Best black nursing shoes for tired feet

When you're working all day, you need sturdy ankle, heel and arch support. Otherwise, the repeated pressure on your joints leads to painful overuse conditions like plantar fasciitis, flat feet, tendonitis and stress fractures.

The best nursing shoe for sore feet is the pioneering Toffeln EziKlog. This lightweight medical clog in midnight black incorporates E-Tech material alongside slip-resistant and anti-static soles for unrivalled lower-body comfort.

You don't have to worry about landing heavy on your feet and rattling delicate joints thanks to the closed-in heel, adjustable straps and cushioned insole option. Together, they secure feet without restriction to prevent excessive movement and further aggravation.

Best black nursing shoes for breathability

It's so important to find footwear that gives your sensitive feet the freedom to breathe. Space and ventilation fight fungal and bacterial infections like athlete's foot. If you suffer from corns and calluses, you certainly need more room as these develop when there's too much friction or pressure between fabric and skin.

The Toffeln AktivKlog understands the need for space and features side vents that allow your feet to breathe naturally. In warm summer months, they keep your extremities from overheating and lessen sweat build-up to keep you comfortable.

When it comes to ventilation, material matters. The AktivKlog is lightweight, made from shock-absorbing E-Tech material.

Are you ready to find the perfect black nursing shoes?

Black nursing shoes are a highly wearable choice for both men and women. They match hundreds of uniform styles while offering high-tech features to keep your feet safe.

Instead of choosing a generic style, opt for footwear that supports your unique gait and addresses some of the common issues healthcare professionals face. By highlighting the best nursing shoes for back pain, tired feet and overuse conditions, we hope to make your busy working day more comfortable.

If you still haven't found what you're looking for, explore our full range online today. We have an extensive collection of footwear that's fully compliant, lovely looking and created with the latest biomechanics research in mind. Besides black, there's a multitude of wonderfully vibrant colours and styles to browse.